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Location: Western Cape



Age: 28

Bio: My name is Karabo M and I a travel, wine and wellness blogger, and also an entrepreneur. My personal achievement at this moment I would say figuring out the world on my own and starting a business are two of the main achievements I always celebrate. An interesting fact about me is that I am actually an introvert and I do not like doctor visits.

Causes and initiatives I support: I stand for quite a lot of important ideologies but one that always stands out is equal and quality education for young girls. From a personal experience, we need to give girls a chance. With that come a powerful community.

What I hope to achieve as your #BlueRibbon Champion: As a #BlueRibbon Champion, I hope to encourage conversations around the rights of women and young girls. We need to dive deeper as social and change agents to create a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable to talk about what affects us as young women and paving a way for women to feel protected, heard and not judged. Moving away from stigmas and stereotypes.

What does feminism or woman empowerment mean to me: Simple: It means advocating for equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of life.

Favourite song: Tommee Profitt feat Trella: Rise Above

Dream destination: The Island of Maupiti in the French Polynesia

Knowing what I now know, I would tell my 14-year-old self: Make more friends and learn some self-defence – my 14 year old self would have appreciated this advice.

The one goal I wish to achieve: The one goal I really would like to achieve is buying my mama a house. That would make me the happiest daughter alive!

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