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Age: 33

Bio: Grew up in the Bushveld, even though I now live in the Mother City, I am a bushbaby at heart. Mother to a wonderful little girl. Previously worked in Public Relations and Communications. Currently running a small PR company and my passion project my Blog I’m an advocate for supporting local small companies and supporting other women in business. I hope to raise my daughter to be a strong woman. I believe fresh air and mother nature is healing balm for the soul. Firm advocate for choice.

Causes and initiatives I support: I support Little Brinks NPO. I’m also a supporter of anti-poaching initiatives and conservation. I believe that when women support women, magic happens.

What I hope to achieve as your #BlueRibbon Champion: By being a #BlueRibbon Champion , I hope to inspire another woman to follow their dream and know their worth.

What does feminism or woman empowerment mean to me: Feminism to me is the belief in women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. This doesn’t mean bashing men or being anti-male. Feminism is celebrating the beauty of female energy and harnessing it to better our family, community and world. Female empowerment is incredibly important. By lifting a woman out of poverty, you lift the next generation out of poverty. Empowerment isn’t just financially but also empowering young women to know that they have sole domain over their bodies.

Favourite song: Gosh I don’t have a favourite. I like many genres of music.

Dream destination: I have always wanted to go to Japan to see the Cherry Blossoms.

Knowing what I now know, I would tell my 14-year-old self: Don’t diminish yourself and lower your ambition. Don’t listen to the bullies and don’t turn a blind eye to bullying.

The one goal I wish to achieve: I love connecting people. One ambition through my PR company and Blog is to help small local companies connect with their consumers. I would like to help small companies grow so that they can employ more staff and empower their employees. My personal goal for my PR company is to get to a point where I can employ and empower other women to market South African products.

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