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Location: Gauteng



Age: 35

Bio: I am a Social Entrepreneurship student at Gordon Institute of Business Science. I am the founder of MB Teen Lifestyle which is an organisation that focusses on improving SRH uptake by adolescents for the prevention of HIV and Early and Unintended Pregnancies. I am one of the initial organisers of #TheTotalShutdown Intersectional Women's March (2018) and do quite a bit of work in the space to highlight the intersectionality between HIV and GBV.

Causes and initiatives I support: I work closely with Dear Bella as we strive to end period poverty, that is something close to my heart. O strongly believe that where teenagers are bound to engage in experimental behaviour, it is our responsibility to empower them with the correct knowledge and information so that they can make smart choices.

What I hope to achieve as your #BlueRibbon Champion: I am hoping to use the platform to reach more adolescents and young women with knowledge that will empower them to make smart choices for their own health and well being free of stigma and discrimination.

What does feminism or woman empowerment mean to me: It means women not having to be punished for just being women. It means my daughter accessing information, platforms, services and opportunities without having to work extra hard just because she is a girl.

Favourite song: Dumelang by Malemo Vector featuring Blaq Diamond

Dream destination: I have actually been to most on my bucket list... actually I still want to do Maldives

Knowing what I now know, I would tell my 14-year-old self: *sigh* - I know what I would tell my 16 year old self... "Breathe you are not drowning". So many things happened when I was 16...

The one goal I wish to achieve: I would really love to have a teen resource centre / hang out spot. Teenagers really need spaces where they can just exist and access things just as teenagers nee.

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