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Location: Western Cape



Age: 35

Bio: Iʼve been told I have a nack for giving weird nicknames and if anyone portrayed me in a movie Jenifer Lewes would be the ONE to capture my essense (vise versa). Currently doing my ideal job, Project Coordinator. Affable,bubbly and fun human thatʼs not afraid to nudge you into to your place.

Causes and initiatives I support: Doing everything from a place of love, the rest will follow

What I hope to achieve as your #BlueRibbon Champion: To encourage women to be more in touch with their bodies, to know their smell so that they can be aware when something isn't right

What does feminism or woman empowerment mean to me: It is a belief that women are in equal standing with their male counterparts, and that they deserve to be given this equity. When we empower women, we donʼt only uplift them, but we affect positive change within society

Favourite song: India Arie- Video & I am not my hair, Lira- Something Insdie so strong

Dream destination: Egypt

Knowing what I now know, I would tell my 14-year-old self: It gets better boo, people are now paying to have what God gave you naturally.

The one goal I wish to achieve: Impact and reach as many young women as possible, and hopefully to instil a sense of self-worth

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